Tortuga Music Festival

Huka Entertainment hired Newmerica to produce a video campaign for Tortuga Music Festival 2017, the biggest country music festival in the world. We designed the content through a turnkey lens, fostering flexibility which allowed us to address ever-changing information. We collaborated directly with Huka’s marketing team to develop “Lifeguard Dan,” a lighthearted spokesman who delivered key messaging throughout the campaign.

The results: 400K views and a 300% increase in their overall social engagement.



The introductory Lifeguard Dan video was intended to play it safe. The initial positive audience reaction allowed us to ramp it up a bit in the forthcoming videos.


A hype video strategically released in the dead of winter got fans excited about heading to Tortuga in April.

Valentine's Day

Tortuga fans submitted sweet tweets to win prizes and Lifeguard Dan read a few on camera in this Valentine's Day release.

Single Day Tickets

For festival goers that couldn't make it the whole weekend, Tortuga released single day tickets to the excitement of many fans.

The Reef

Super fans had the option of upgrading their tickets which guaranteed them a front row spot at the main stage.

What to Bring

Lifeguard Dan informs patrons of what is and isn't acceptable to bring to Tortuga. He also gets into the details of the downloadable mobile app.

IMAG Content

Exclusive video for the festival screens.