Project Pabst

Pabst Blue Ribbon approached Newmerica to help develop video content to promote the multi-city music festival, Project Pabst. We took a low-fi aesthetic approach to this campaign because it reflected the brand’s festival demographic

The results: Over 700k views and a 400% increase of traffic across all their social channels.

"Phone Sex" Promo

A handful of artists from the Project Pabst Atlanta lineup make sexy appearances in this phone sex throwback to promote the festival.

"Pabst Kwan Do" Promo

An inexperienced yet enthusiastic martial arts instructor brags about his oddly named moves that coincidentally sound like bands performing at Project Pabst Portland.

"Philly History" Promo

The history of Philadelphia is completely misinterpreted while trying to promote Project Pabst Philadelphia.

Project Pabst ATL - Recap

All the best moments from Project Pabst Atlanta 2016.

Ticket Giveaway

Remember that Encyclopedia Britannica kid? His voice cracking, know-it-all doofiness was the inspiration for this ticket giveaway for the first Project Pabst. The Result: Tickets were given away.