PBR Music

PBR Music has been growing since its inception in 2015. Newmerica has been part of the process the whole way, creating exclusive video content for their festivals, programs and products. It’s an ongoing partnership we absolutely love!

Sponsored Tour Guides - With Mastodon

When Pabst Blue Ribbon sponsored Mastodon's 2017 U.S. tour, their only stipulation was allowing their brand representative to join the band on the road. Mastodon naively agreed, unaware of the rep's fervent and overbearing commitment to his work.

PBR Music Society - "Your Wish is Granted"

PBR started a grant foundation to financially assist struggling musicians.

What is the PBR Music Society?

A casual conversation with PBR music Brand Manager, Woody Coheley about his Music Society program.

Orange Pabst Tap Handle

Orange Amps and PBR joined forces to make the ultimate beer tap; a scale model of an Orange Amps Double Full Stack that pours PBR.

PBR Music Testimonials

Atlanta musicians recount their fond memories of the contributions PBR has made to the local music scene.

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