Original Content

Our self-funded work is some of our best since there were no creative limitations.

Big Trouble in Little Five Points

A group of misfits working at a record store must learn to cope with the mystifying attraction that is their neighborhood.


Max Cooper and his pal Brent get into all sorts of misadventures. Unbeknownst to Max, Brent is a much renowned guitarist in a world famous metal band.

On the Couch

Comedian Jim Florentine stars in this improvised comedy series as an unlicensed therapist with zero experience and even less sympathy.

Easy to Digress

We collaborated with a slew of Atlanta musicians to create a hostless interview show that delves into uncharted territory; amateur ad libbing.


A string of live broadcast "interruptions" committed by a mysterious stranger piqued our interest in seeking out the perpetrator. We located the man surprisingly quick and he agreed to sit down for a chat. The interview has been viewed over 6 million times on Youtube, which speaks volumes about our current state of affairs.