Orange Amplifiers

Since 2013, Newmerica has collaborated with Orange Amplifiers, producing irreverent advertisements for new product launches. They give us a lot of creative control, which allows us to produce eccentric content for Orange’s overly enthusiastic fan base.

The results: Over 1 million views and a 500% increase of traffic across all their social channels.

Brent Hinds Terror Amp

Brent Hinds encounters two fans that want his signature amp. But they're shit out of luck. Brent won't give his amp away for anything.

Sell Some Bullshit with Orange Pedals

You can tell it's Jeremy's last day hosting the show. Too bad for Alex who's trying to sell Orange's latest guitar product.

Orange Amps Classic

Troy Sanders' future was bright, until his brother Kyle defeated him in the Orange Amps Classic. After years of self pity, Troy has really let himself go....straight to KFC on a daily basis.

Dream Big

When young Bobby receives an Orange Amps Micro Dark for Christmas, his imagination gets the best of him.

Bass Brothers

Troy and Kyle Sanders attempt to demonstrate the Orange Crush Combo Amp. Unfortunately they're clueless when it comes to features.