Music Videos

Videos set to music. Were you expecting a different explanation?

Black Lips "Crystal Night"

A couple is separated from one another at their school dance after the authorities discover they're having too much fun.

Gone is Gone "Echolocation"

Two drunk yuppies stumble upon a freak show in the middle of a forest.

The Coathangers "Nosebleed Weekend"

Nosebleed Weekend refers to getting your ass kicked, not doing a kilo of cocaine.

Black Lips "Pink Angels"

Bad ass gang members from the 1950's fall in love with each other.

Gringo Star "Shadows"

A young girl is awoken by a giant chipmunk with balloons and her natural instinct is to follow him into the pitch black woods.

Tedo Stone "By Your Side"

A purgatory state between dreams and nightmares.

The Coathangers "Follow Me"

A group of jealous musicians in a metal band sneak into the Coathangers practice space and perform vicariously to a crowd of none.