Local Content

Newmerica proudly hails from Atlanta, Ga., and we never neglect our roots. Some of our closest friends own small businesses in town, many of which have become community staples, and we’re always willing to offer our services for a local media buy. To our surprise, a few local ads went viral on social media.

Elmyr - "Pharmaceutical Ad"

Elmyr cantina is the cure for overwhelming hunger pangs, otherwise known as OHP.

Liberty Tattoo - "We Can Fix That"

When Liberty Tattoo realized the majority of their suburban customers came in for cover ups, they wanted to produce a special ad focusing on the initial poor decisions of those clients.

Heroes for Hope

The homeless epidemic is no joke. We work with nonprofit organizations like Hope Atlanta to address social issues such as homelessness. We helped raise over $350k with this fundraising video.


An old dying man in the midst of the apocalypse must rattle off all his life regrets to his son before the world ends.