Kid Rock Cruise

Sixthman throws music festival cruises, so when we were asked to be the video team for the annual Kid Rock Cruise, we heard the word ‘cruise’ and eagerly said yes. When the other two words finally registered as we boarded the ship, we decided to conceive a new angle on the traditional recap video. We wanted to create an ethnographic documentation; anticipating his fans would be raucous and unpredictable. We couldn’t have been more right.

Kid Rock Cruise - Recap Video

All the debauchery of the Kid Rock Cruise summed up in two minutes.

All Fans on Deck

Co-Captain and TV personality Adrian Barrera prowls around the Kid Rock Cruise to find the most interesting and devoted Kid Rock fans.

Tone Loc - Interview

Tone Loc sits down for a brief interview about his experience on the Kid Rock Cruise.

Steel Panther - Interview

Michael Starr, lead singer of Steel Panther, shares his philosophy on touring abroad and boat jail.

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