Experiential Marketing

An event can be a memorable experience. Newmerica will partner with your company to design an authentic live event experience that reflects your brand’s ethos. Rather than marketing an event, the event is the marketing because every facet (ad campaign, art direction, documentation) is aligned with your objectives. We then utilize the event as a backdrop to produce entertaining and shareable video content, extending the marketing to your social platforms.

Burrito Armageddon 2016 Event Recap

The Burrito Armageddon pits Atlanta cyclists against each other in the ultimate drinking/eating/biking event. Riders must bike the first leg to the burrito eating competition, then the second leg for dessert, and finally to a bar with a PBR tall boy waiting for them to slam. Once every drop of beer is gone, then, and only then, is a winner declared.

Burrito Armageddon 2014 Event Promo

Promo video for the first annual Burrito Armageddon Triathlon.

Little Five Fest 2012

After working or attending many music festivals, we started noticing a pattern. They were all awful. So the only way to ensure a festival will be good or even, (dare I say?) great, is to curate, produce, book, and advertise the entire thing yourself. That's the spirit of the Little Five Fest. Shit we love, in a neighborhood we like.