Newmerica was established in 2009, however the founders have been abusing various forms of media since they were prepubescent delinquents. Collaborating over a span of three decades is what shapes the idiosyncratic voice of Newmerica’s creative team.

Our production team consists of highly skilled cinematographers, sound engineers, and editors that we hire accordingly for each project. After years of experience fluctuating, we’ve learned to scale our creative and production team based on budget, time, and scope to fit each client’s needs.

We have a very high standard for our work. Beautiful imagery and crisp sound are crucial, but that won’t salvage a bad idea. So we operate under one simple principle: make sure the content is really f***ing good. Anyone can polish a turd, but we’d rather not have shit on our hands.



Bryan Bankovich

Creative Director + Producer

Bryan Bankovich was born in a tiny town in Florida. Once his parents realized that the panhandle was full of oversized snakes with legs, they migrated north to the great state of Georgia. As a child, Bryan discovered the power of recording devices, launching his childhood passion of lampooning television ads and satirizing his school teachers and preachers.

Later in life, he studied new media and film at The School of the Art Institute of Chicago. It was there where he learned how to cultivate his talents, endure barbaric weather conditions, and work with cantankerous, sausage-dependent teamsters. Bryan has produced content for major brands, publications, ad agencies, and artists alike.

He eventually came back to Atlanta and cofounded the boutique video agency, Newmerica Media. In Bryan’s spare time he likes to drink whiskey, cuss at his cats, and spit.


Dennis Mora

Writer + Editor

Dennis started his film career with one of those giant home camcorders that recorded directly to VHS. He didn’t have the means to cut the footage together, so he solved that problem by shooting sequentially. This translated to a very primitive knowledge of storytelling, which served him well when he finally decided to teach himself editing. He then furthered his education at Columbia College Chicago.

Since graduating, he’s spent the past 11 years mastering all aspects of post production by editing hundreds of videos for Newmerica, most of which he scripted as well, and can pretty much do the shit blindfolded now. So....yeah.